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 Random Links 

Some local, some further out

A few businesses and organizations that are close to my heart. 

Is your horse cranky, sad or otherwise in need of an attitude improvement? Massage is a *fabulous* way to achieve quick, natural results. If you are in the CT or MA area, Jamie Nelson is absolutely wonderful! View her site here: Bodyworks Essential

If you need some top-notch barefoot farrier work, you cannot go wrong with Birgit Rocconella. She has some done some amazing work, for my own "kids", as well as for all of her clients in the Enfield CT area. With over 10 years of experience in the barefoot field, her work cannot be beat. Most recently, Clover, Thomas' donkey friend, came in with horrible overgrown hooves. Birgit was gentle and patient with this scared little donk, and had her walking much more comfortably after just one trim. To contact Birgit, check out her website: The Hoof Lady

Are your walls looking a little bare and in need of some love? Luckily for you, I know of two great places where you can buy spectacular works of art to make your life prettier. If you are out and about in the NC area, Catchlight Gallery in West Jefferson, features the work of local artists, including my Pops (total bonus points for the new favorite daughter!) From black and white, to color prints, there's something for everyone. Of course my favorites are always the pictures of the wild ponies that live in Grayson Highlands State Park. It really is a welcoming, talented little gallery and well worth a detour if you happen to be in the area. Visit them virtually here:  Catchlight Gallery

Next in the world of people more talented than I'll ever be, Shannon Kalahan of Seeing Spots Photography. If you need a photo shoot, contact her now, I'm not even joking. Before you know it, she'll be famous, overbooked, and you'll have missed your chance. Everything from her landscape shots, to her wedding pictures are extraordinary. She's available for workshops, custom photos, and sells her amazing prints online. Here is her link: Seeing Spots Photography

Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue, based out of North Central CT, is an organization I was heavily involved in before I moved to the sticks. They are a non-profit, totally volunteer, small local horse rescue that takes in unwanted and abused horses. From there, the horses are rehabilitated and/or retrained before being adopted out to new homes. I not only volunteered and managed their foster barn, I adopted a horse from them too (he's chestnut, not bay, though, so I can't talk about him...) They are always in need of volunteers, adopters and of course, donations. Find out more at Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue

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