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I get it. You own horses. Money is tight. There's always that new pair of Tailored Sportmans calling your name. I will try, as humanly possible, to keep shipping costs reasonable. I can fit between 2-4 soaps, depending on size, in a small flat rate USPS box, which will ship for just over $7. A padded envelope might be a buck or two cheaper, but soap, like that fancy Warmblood, is easily damaged. I'll ship it, just don't email me angrily saying your soap was smushed. 

In general, shipping will be USPS Regional Rate A/B. If you'd like a different shipping method, reach out, I'm sure we can work out something. 

Starting 2021: all orders over $35 ship for free!

If you happen to be in the Sturbridge, MA area, we can certainly hook up for a covert soap exchange. By "covert" I mean a well-lit, public area.

Typically, in an effort to be eco-friendly-ish, I will not include an invoice in with your package. If you'd like one, not a problem, just throw a note in with your order.  


(by the way I have several TS breeches and even one and a half Warmbloods, so no hate)

Secure ordering & payment options

I accept Paypal, personal checks or money orders. Generally, checks must clear before I'll ship, unless you seem especially honest. I'm fairly gullible, so I'll probably believe you are honest. 

​Custom orders?​

I'm always happy to create custom orders! Please keep in mind that cold process soap generally has a 4-6 week cure time, so if you want a birthday present, awards for your show, or something for the holidays, I'll need at least two months notice.  Give me an idea of what you're looking for and we can go from there.

Those labels though...​

Want to buy the Shades of Bay soap for your tea loving friend, but she doesn't know a bay from a gray? I'll change the label for you, easy enough, just include a note with your order.

​Do you have vegan options?​

I tend to use a lot of tallow in my recipes. I think it makes for an excellent, moisturizing soap and it has a fabulous feel. It's a great alternative to palm oil, the growing and harvesting of which, is a huge concern in regards to deforestation. However, I do offer several soaps that are entirely vegan, and some that are vegetarian. All of my soaps have a list of ingredients, so you know exactly what you're getting. 

​Tell me about your fragrances.​

Certainly! I use both fragrance oils and essential oils in my soaps. What's being used will always be in the ingredient list. For the most part I fragrance lightly, no matter what the smell is, for the simple reason that strong scents give me a headache. Honest, I can't even walk down the candle aisle in Walmart. All of my fragrance oils are phthalate free, and Google can give you a million reasons why. 

Can I use your soaps on my horse?

While it won't hurt, I certainly do not recommend. The soaps are made and balanced for people, not horse hide. Aside from the fact, it would extremely cost prohibitive. Seriously, you can get 30lbs of Orvis for $10, go with that.

Returns & Refunds

It's soap. No returns, that's gross. If there's a problem with your order, please let me know and we can discuss a refund or store credit.

Common sense is your schoolmaster

It's soap. It's not for human or horse consumption. If you breakout in hives, you should probably discontinue use, and step away from the Azium. Feel free to call your vet. If you have major allergies, it might be best to stick what you know works for you.

Thank you for shopping!

Your support really means more to me than you can imagine! 

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