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Soap Marathon Starts Now!

Actually it started about 2 hours ago.

The soap room, or as sometimes referred to by lesser humans, the laundry room. So clean and fresh. Enjoy it while it lasts. On tonight's agenda, a piped gingerbread man bar soap, a duplicate of Winter Star, with Cherry Blossom fragrance, and a dozen or so individual salt bars, probably in snowflake form, because winter is coming.

Current status, salt bars are done. It's going to be a long night.

There will be no after picture, I don't want to be responsible for tears.

11:30pm, current status: Winter Star is done. Everything is mixed and ready for the gingerbread (and some cupcakes I decided to add in at the last minute). Also done--me. Marathon, not so much, but I'm happy with a 5k.

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